You have A Story..We know how to Tell it!!
We were inspired to name MISBAR Communications as a tribute to the UAE's vision to probe the Red Planet's (Mars) orbit in 2021, coinciding with our country's 50th anniversary. The word ‘MISBAR’ which means "to probe," evokes powerful images of information, exploration, and discovery.


We are a national communications agency with a purpose, to make a positive difference for our clients and community.

About Us

MISBAR Communications is a leading full-service public relations firm based in Dubai that serves clients across the UAE and the region. We take pride in providing a more personal alternative to larger public relations firms. You won't find any fancy PR jargon here. We're straight shooters who dazzle with results. Our comprehensive public relations approach puts you in the spotlight by leveraging media relations, road show projects, community outreach, influencer programs, social media, raising awareness, and integrated marketing & communications.
For clients in virtually every industry and business sector, we provide smart, creative, local, regional, national, and international outreach. It is our business to become experts in your business. We work collaboratively with each client to create a tailored strategy that provides independent validation and brand awareness among its target audiences. Every PR campaign we undertake is designed to grow your business and your brand, with a strong and unwavering focus on Return on Investment (ROI).
We are an enterprise of professional communicators with backgrounds in journalism and media, public relations, advertising, marketing, government, and the corporate world. Our teams of experts specialize in a wide range of fields, including business, technology, banking, health, non-profits, and politics. As a private company, MISBAR Communications has the freedom to conceptualize and execute PR campaigns quickly and successfully, while also serving clients with the time commitment and professionalism they deserve.

What We Do

MISBAR Communications provides a wide range of services to meet our clients' needs and assist them in growing their businesses. One of the core management functions that contributes to the success of any organization is communications and public relations. It is considered as a vital contributor to a company's reputation and the communication of key messages to its clients, investors, stakeholders, and the general public. A positive perception of a company or non-profit can lead to increased sales and profits.
We are a one-stop shop for our clients, serving as a strategic partner in the provision of PR and communications services. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, social media marketing, content management and strategy, media positioning, media monitoring, and crisis communication management. MISBAR's major industry niches include, among others, the environment, government, non-profit, healthcare, education, and arts and culture.
MISBAR's goal is to help our clients in connecting with their audiences, achieving their objectives, and continuing to grow.
Stakeholder Relations
Many projects fail or are stalled because relevant information about impact and benefits is not effectively communicated to relevant audiences.
MISBAR is skilled and experienced in conducting research, identifying, categorizing, and prioritizing stakeholder groups and individuals, and managing targeted communication to appropriately inform attitudes and opinions.
MISBAR partners with clients and other consultants to analyze crisis scenarios and develop and implement strategies to quickly and effectively overcome potential areas of difficulty or sensitivity.
While we strongly advocate for active crisis preparedness programs for clients, our team is also available on short notice to implement programs for emerging situations.
Content Creation & Management
Our quality-driven approach to content creation and management will facilitate you in communicating and engaging with your target audiences, achieving your messaging goals, and standing out from the crowd.
MISBAR's highly talented and skilled writing team has over four decades of combined experience in concept development, copywriting for all PR material, content strategy and creation, blog management, infographics, and content creation for events and tradeshows.

Strategy & Brand Messaging
Before you can effectively tell your brand’s story, you need to know it yourself. If you don’t know who you are, how can you tell anyone else? MISBAR Communications has a defined process to pull out and document your key messages and align them to your audiences. Once we define those we work to develop a comprehensive public relations strategy that gets those key messages heard in all the right places.
When it comes to brand management, we communicate even the most complex B2B and tech concepts in simple and relevant terms to find out how we can discover and develop your brand’s story.

Media Coaching
Effective communication is a skill, not a talent, and it CAN be taught. Knowledge and practice are the keys to your success.
MISBAR's experienced trainers have assisted many newcomers in their first media interviews, speeches, and high-profile presentations, and helped the best in becoming even better.
A company must be well-prepared to carry out effective communications. It is not an easy task to have the right attitudes and aptitudes when dealing with the media. A properly delivered message ensures the project's success, which is why MISBAR offers personalized media coaching; what we communicate is just as important as how we communicate it.

Social Media
We at MISBAR believe that companies should communicate transparently with all its audiences. The web is a space that encourages dialogue and allows for rapid and fluid two-way communications and immediate responses. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, among many others, are key cogs of online communications. We have in-depth expertise in the development and implementation of strategies designed specifically for the needs of each of our clients, from the development of applications to the creation of competitions and contests to efficiently reach the target audience.


PR is the art of shaping what you want prospects to know into stories journalists want to use. MISBAR works in a vast array of sectors across national, local, broadcast, business, trade and consumer media to boost your credibility among the people and audiences that count. Chances are, there is something newsworthy about your business. Let us help you discover it, and spread the word.
With our 360º approach and in-depth understanding of all things media and digital, our capabilities stretch far beyond those of traditional public relations agencies to ensure that our clients receive maximum quality exposure and engagement with tangible results. One of the biggest mistakes growing businesses make is to focus on the outputs without getting the strategy and messaging right. MISBAR works closely with you to develop a customer-centric approach, homing in on what really drives purchasing decisions. That way your brand and marketing resonates and truly become a route to business growth.
MISBAR Communications is a full service public relations firm. People often times ask us, “What exactly do you do?” At MISBAR, we use our expertise, industry knowledge and vast networks to create bespoke, effective and inspiring print, digital and social media campaigns for the disruptors, big thinkers, innovators, game changers, influencers and problem solvers that are pushing the boundaries of the industries that they serve.

We deliver real measurable business impact and not just vanity metrics


They are the businesses and institutions that are helping to transform our world and the markets they do business in.


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